Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Getting very lazy...

but heres three great albums without all the proper formatting

Sloan - Smeared:

This was Sloan's debut LP, from 1992. Here their early influences really show, sounding like a mix of Isn't Anything-era My Bloody Valentine, and Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth. Two songs on here actually seem like direct ripoffs of Sonic Youth. "Two Seater" sounds just like "Silver Rocket" to me, and "500 Up" sounds like they're trying to make another "Teenage Riot." But the thing is "500 Up" is the only song that makes me feel as good as "Teenage Riot" on a sunny day. The opening track, "Underwhelmed" was called the 2nd best Canadian song of all time by Chart Magazine. This is really worth getting if you like MBV, or Sonic Youth.

The Olivia Tremor Control - Presents... Singles and Beyond:

Ok, not a real album exactly. This was their 3rd full-length release, a collection of rarities that don't appear on the previous two LPs. There are a few great songs on here, like "Love Athena," but overall its not really great in my opinion. I was disappointed, but it's a must-have for any Olivia Tremor Control fan, of course.

The Black Angels - The Black Angels EP:

This is the first release from the Austin, Texas based psychedelic drone rock band. This is one of the greatest rock bands that's around right now. This came out in 2005, I have their full-length, which was released last year... but they are one of my favorites, and up-and-coming, so I suggest you just buy that from their website. I don't want to rip them off too much, but you've got to hear this. AND THEY ARE ON TOUR RIGHT NOW! Maybe you can see them, I'm going tomorrow night :) They sound like The Velvet Underground, The Doors, and 13th Floor Elevators, but also with a modern twist... and even more vibe than The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It's hard to describe, just get it, love it, and buy their album.

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